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Tzfat Walking Tours

Come for the highlights, a half day, or even a full day.  So much to uncover in Tzfat!


Tastes of Tzfat Culinary Tour

Been to Tzfat before and looking for a different way to explore the city? Or do you just love food, cultures, and stories? 

Tzfat Tours General
Tzfat Walking Tours

Uncover Tzfat in the way most suited to your group.  Whether it's a 2-hour classic highlights tour, an in-depth half day tour, or even an entire day filled with workshops, wineries, and more, we will discover Tzfat from top to bottom. Through the stories of the Kabbalists we will begin to understand the spirit of this quiet yet spiritually energized town. From breathtaking views, to the old synagogues and even a behind the scenes tour of recent archeological findings of 16th century Tzfat in the heart of the Old City, we'll try to understand the vibe of Tzfat from its stones, buildings, stories, and people. Of course we will sprinkle into our time a look at some of the unique art galleries here as well such as the famous Tzfat Candle Factory.  

Tastes of Tzfat

I am so excited to offer this new way of experiencing Tzfat! The Tastes of Tzfat Tour takes you around the Old City of Tzfat through it's culinary delights and the stories behind the scenes.  Depending on what's open and your kashrut level needs, we would taste from a hummus joint, an artisan bakery, Mexican food, Yemenite, Tunisian, Israel's first whisky, local cheeses, and the best falafel you've ever tasted. The tour lasts between 2 1/2-3hrs.

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