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About The Guide

Hi, and welcome to Uncover Israel!  My name is Adam Bodenstein and I established Uncover Israel to offer travelers just like you the opportunity to experience Tzfat and Northern Israel from an insider's perspective leaving you inspired and excited to come back again.

All About Me

I grew up in sunny Los Angeles, California in a Conservative Jewish home filled with a rich connection to our heritage.  During my teenage years and later in college at the University of California, Berkeley, I began to delve deeper into my connection to our amazing Jewish story.  After visiting Israel several times, I knew this was home, and after finishing my degree in Religious Studies I immigrated to Israel.  Like many American Jews I thought Israel meant only Jerusalem, but when I met my wife who hails from Northern Israel I learned there is so much more to this amazing place.  Two years after we got married, we moved to Tzfat in Northern Israel and have been here since 2007.  

I love guiding couples, families, or groups of all types in Tzfat and the North.  This region really helps you to connect to the Land of Israel itself.  Tzfat is the mystical mountain city and there is no better place to come understand our spiritual connection to Judaism.  

Come join me and let me help you to uncover Northern Israel!

I hope to hear from you soon.

Many blessings,


about the guide





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